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MFPsecure/Print for Fuji Xerox | LRS Pull Printing

Secure Document Queuing and Pull Printing for your

LRS Secure Pull Printing Solutions for Fuji Xerox devices

Whether you have a heterogeneous printing fleet or are exclusively running Fuji-Xerox devices, LRS® Pull Printing can help you obtain maximum savings and security from your hardware investment.

Each user in your network has a PersonalQ — an output destination that looks like any other device in the ‘Printers & Faxes’ section of their Windows workstation. But unlike a regular Windows printer, users can retrieve all output sent to a PersonalQ from Fuji-Xerox MFPs in the organization’s LRS Pull Printing environment.

Fuji Xerox emblem

MFPsecure/Print for Fuji Xerox

MFPsecure®/Printfor Fuji Xerox leverages the secure delivery capabilities of the LRS Output Management Server, meaning users never have to worry about information being lost before the last page physically prints. Users can print one, all, or individual documents with a single click. And organizations maintain full audit tracking and control of the documents for improved security and compliance.

MFPsecure®/Print for Fuji Xerox makes pull printing with your Fuji-Xerox devices simple, reliable, and secure.

How Pull Printing works with Fuji Xerox Devices


Mixed Fleet

Older devices?

MFPsecure/Print for XT solution enables pull printing on these devices through use of special network interface cards and badge reader hardware.

LRS benefits and features

Need Scan and Scan to workflow?

LRS has a powerful suite of doc­ument capture components to help you tailor your infrastructure for the digital workplace. With MFPsecure®/Scan software, you can capture and initiate document workflows from:

  • Touchscreen-enabled MFPs from most leading print hardware manufacturers
  • Android or iOS-based mobile devices including smartphones and tablets

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