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Affiliate Printing - Printing securely over the public Internet

LRS Affiliate Printing Software

Flexibility, efficiency, and security are the hallmarks of modern business computing environments. LRS® Affiliate Printing software helps you deliver all three while protecting your valuable information assets. The software enables users outside your corporate WAN to print in a secure, reliable manner while helping IT staff discover how to remotely print over the Internet.

LRS Affiliate Printing software lets you define, manage, and support print devices outside your corporate network in a similar manner to those within your enterprise. Robust encryption and a lightweight, LRS-managed Cloud messaging layer make secure Internet printing possible. Manage printers both inside and outside the corporate WAN from a single interface.

Do you have:

  • To support users that work from home or from a shared office space?
  • A team on an overseas project that needs to temporarily work from a hotel?
  • A partner company that accesses your Line-of-Business applications, but struggles to print because of firewall issues?

LRS Affiliate Printing software lets you offer these remote users a comparable level of security and functionality to that which you provide employees inside your own network.

The Benefits of Affiliate Printing

Eliminate the need for leased lines, WAN expansion, and VPN software dedicated to printReduce costs and save on administration time to manage these services
Send print jobs from your corporate network to printers in affiliate locationsSingle interface for all printers irrespective of their location inside or outside the corporate network
Built-in tracking of the print jobControl and track all print jobs for troubleshooting and auditing/compliance requirements
Robust encryption at rest, on the move, and on the remote LANEnsure your documents are safe while they are in the “printing” process
Affiliate printing process is transparent to the end userSimplifies printing to a remote location
Simple to manage printer definition processEasily deploy printers in “pop up” or temporary locations
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Affiliate Printing: The Bigger Picture

The LRS Affiliate Printing software solution extends the capabilities of VPSX® Enterprise Output Management, enabling your organization to:

Save Money: Eliminate network expenses related to leased lines, WAN expansion, and VPN software and hardware. 

Reduce complexity: Manage the print jobs and devices of your external users right alongside those of your internal ones. 

Improve Security: Robust encryption can protect documents while at rest on your server, while moving across the open Internet, and in the remote LAN where the printers reside.

Q&A for about Affiliate Printing

What does LRS Affiliate Printing software do?

LRS Affiliate Printing software enables organizations to extend enterprise printing beyond the boundaries of the corporate firewall. All print-related network traffic is sent using HTTPS to protect sensitive business data while it is moving across the public Internet.

How do remote Affiliate devices differ from those in my corporate network?

From an administrator perspective, very little. Affiliate Print devices appear in the same VPSX admin console as all other printers, and you can still track backend application print data, including when, where, and by whom for security and cost control.

Does any extra software need to be installed at the remote client site?

A lightweight “Affiliate Client” module is installed on at least one Windows PC at each remote affiliate site (preferably two or more for redundancy). This client communicates with the Cloud-based LRS Notification Service, which triggers secure document delivery to remote sites.

What firewall changes are needed to enable print over the public Internet?

None. The LRS Affiliate Client initiates print requests from inside the firewall at the remote site using the HTTP and/or HTTPS ports that are normally left open for Internet traffic. No special ports need to be opened to enable secure print.

Which protocols are supported?

The LRS Affiliate Printing solution leverages commonly-used networking standards, including:

  • HTTPS for encrypted transmission across the open public Internet
  • IPPS for data protection once documents are received on the remote LAN
  • IPP, Sockets, and ZPL to support a wide variety of devices

How do LRS Affiliate Printing capabilities help end users?

The software eliminates the need to maintain a VPN session just to securely print a document. This simplifies life for the end user and makes printing from a remote site outside the corporate firewall as easy as printing at your headquarters building.

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