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Scan to Email

Microsoft Exchange integration

MFPsecure®/Scan Microsoft® Exchange Connector enables you to scan documents to email for either single or by broadcast emails. As MFPsecure/Scan directly integrates with your Microsoft Exchange server, you can find and use previously stored email addresses within your personal Outlook address book.

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Direct Microsoft Exchange Integration

MFPsecure/Scan turns your MFP into a scanner with email function via a direct integration with your Microsoft Exchange Server. For secure email exchange, you can directly login at the MFP interface using your private Microsoft Outlook account. It is a one click scanner software that quickly delivers documents to your email in digital format.

Back at your desk, you will find the documents you scanned to email in your Sent Folder and in case the email couldn’t be delivered, you will receive a notification.

Microsoft exchange

Supports multiple To, Cc and Bcc recipients

MFPsecure/San scan to email functions enable you to access global address databases as well as your personal Microsoft Exchange address book from your device’s control panel and then send copies of your email message to two or more people simultaneously.

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Email notification

The scan to email function can also keep you up to date by letting you know when a new document is scanned to a specific destination.

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Email and archive a document in one step

Streamline and accelerate your distribution tasks by simultaneously emailing and archiving your documents.

Drivve Image Email and achive documents Graphic
Input output graphic


MFPsecure/Scan is a high-performance, feature-rich document scanning software that offers you a smart way to enhance and seamlessly integrate your document management workflows into your information infrastructure. 

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