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Canon | LRS Printer Vendor Alliance

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LRS solutions have delivered output to print on Canon devices in large, global organizations since LRS first introduced an Output Management solution over 30 years ago. More recently, LRS and various subsidiaries of Canon, Inc. have developed a deeper technical & development relationship allowing LRS to control print & other functions on Canon devices.

As a member of both the Canon USA and Canon Europe development organizations, LRS often tests our products with new Canon devices to ensure our products are compatible with new Canon product family releases.

LRS’ MFPsecure®/Printfor Canon agent allows customers to capitalize on the security and convenience of output only being delivered when a user requests it from a Canon imageCLASS MFP.  Eliminating waste from unretrieved output and improving the security of not having sensitive customer, business or patient information sitting in an output tray are prominent value points for Canon customers.