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Helping you reduce document-related costs for Financial Services

Document Solutions for Financial Services

Banks, insurance companies, and other financial providers are some of the most document-reliant organizations in the world. Unlike companies that produce automobiles or other tangible products, a written statement or signed contract is often the only physical link between a service provider and its customers. These same documents also contain valuable information used during compliance audits and other regulatory actions.

For over three decades, the world’s largest financial providers have relied on LRS®output management software for secure, timely delivery of their most important documents. LRS customers include more than half of the Fortune 1000 and over 90% of the largest global financial institutions

The more important documents are to your business, the more important it is to choose a proven output management solution. To learn how LRS software can improve service to your customers and ensure compliance with industry regulations, contact your LRS output management professionals today

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Regulatory Compliance

Compliance and Regulation

LRS Output Management Solutions help support regulatory compliance and ensure monitoring - Read More

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Secure Printing

A fully monitored and secure path that documents each step for a complete audit trail - Read More

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Secure Scan & Workflow

Scan, Optimize, Share & Store your critical documents - Read More

Auditing & Reporting

LRS provides a centralized monitoring system over all output that is generated within the enterprise  - Read More

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How LRS Solutions Benefit Financial Services Providers

Different solutions for different output increase the complexity within an organization. And it also compromises visibility. Some even go as far as to have two print management solutions, one for standard office applications and one for critical business applications, such as SAP. Then there is software for scanning, for archiving etc. LRS can provide one middle layer that manages all document output and digital storage. Standardizing on one single solution optimizes visibility and reliability throughout the organization.

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