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Legacy System Integration

Legacy System Integration

Many financial services institutions still use their mainframe to generate critical documents. But integrating a legacy system such as a mainframe into a modern-day IT infrastructure means bridging these two computing worlds.

This includes enabling access to the legacy system from non-corporate network connections and mobile devices. The mainframe is far from being gone, especially in large financial institutions, and the need for legacy system data integration is real.

LRS Software provides the link between legacy and modern-day systems

The challenge lies in the difference between legacy and modern-day platforms. LRS can help build the bridge for access to legacy system data from any type of device using any connection.

The features of the LRS solution function as a gateway to make mainframe data easy and secure to access anywhere in the organization. We have decades of experience with modernization projects. Organizations can migrate off the mainframe or continue to incorporate it in their modern-day operations.

Contact us if you want to learn how our software helps simplify access to output from legacy systems and make that data more transparent and easier to work with.

LRS Legacy Solutions

Archive Conversion and Migration Solutions

LRS has the tools and expertise to help companies convert their legacy archive definitions and migrate associated history. Using custom-designed utilities proven in years of engagements, our dedicated conversion teams develop a step-by-step migration plan, then work with your stakeholders to successfully execute that plan.

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Mainframe Rehosting Solutions

VPSX Enterprise™ software provides reliable document delivery to printers and web-based document viewing facilities to replace legacy document archive tools. The capabilities of the solution, combined with the ability to communicate with LRS software running on a legacy system, simplify the platform migration process. 

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Output Management for Mainframe Application Systems

As key elements in the original LRS® Enterprise Output Management solution, VPS® software and DRS™ software combine to enable the capture, control, management, monitoring, and delivery of documents in the mainframe environment.

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