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Branch Office Optimization

Branch Office Optimization

Within finance, it is common for organizations to have multiple office locations and numerous branch offices. Particularly in branch offices, printing can be very slow, as the combination of spooling on a remote server and printing special characters results in heavy delays. Without LRS software, banks usually address this issue by deploying a Windows print server. Over time, this leads to a highly complex print environment that is hard to manage and maintain.

After implementing LRS software, these financial institutions have central spooling and monitoring over all print activity, all without the need for multiple servers. in remote branches. Large branches and smaller remote locations are able to offer the same high level of service, which benefits customers and bank employees alike.

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A Choice: Unmonitored Direct IP Printing

All bank IT departments are concerned with issues of speed or server outages that impact the ability to print. One way to address this is by eliminating servers from their print process and using direct IP printing. Though this method is quicker, it can put sensitive financial data at risk. There is sometimes a lack of auditing as well, since direct IP printing typically stores no record when jobs are sent from a workstation to a remote printer. Especially in an industry with stringent compliance rules, this is not a desirable situation.

However, with customer experience being the main focus, those remote offices with poor WAN connectivity often resort to unmonitored direct IP printing. LRS software offers a Direct IP printing alternative that provides centralized monitoring and auditing, so companies can provide responsive customer service without sacrificing security.

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Centralized Monitoring for Branch Offices

There is an alternative that offers centralized monitoring of enterprise-wide printing, including those smaller branch offices. When using LRS software, spooling output – whatever format or origin – is executed swiftly and the print job is sent straight to the printers. The software tracks the job in motion and keeps a central record for auditing purposes.

Even print activity from thousands of remote branch offices is processed as rapidly as if a server were available at the remote locations. This helps both processing speed and reliability; eliminating reliance on a connection to a remote server drastically reduces the risk of error. And if an error does occur, it can rapidly be resolved by the administrators who centrally monitor all printing activity.

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