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VPSX/DirectPrint | LRS Output Management


VPSX/DirectPrint™ software automates print driver management without the need for print servers, resulting in lower cost and reliable document delivery. Print jobs travel directly from the client machine to the target print device, minimizing WAN traffic. By eliminating the need for print servers, the solution also helps you reduce hardware and support costs.

VPSX/DirectPrint software lets end users quickly find and add printers to their workstations using a self-service portal. Our seamless middleware platform handles all aspects of Windows printing from physical and virtual desktops, and it enables print accounting and auditing support.

The VPSX/DirectPrint solution helps your users and IT staff:

  • Print from any physical or virtual desktop instance
  • Easily manage print drivers, queues, and devices
  • Locate, define, and manage printers using an intuitive web interface
  • Reduce WAN traffic through Direct IP document delivery

VPSX/DirectPrint software is for customers who want the same rich feature set as the VPSX/Workplace product, but do not need the robust LRS spooling capabilities of other LRS Output Management solutions. Documents are delivered straight from a Windows client to the desired print device via a Direct IP connection.

VPSX/DirectPrint Benefits

Centralized, scalable solution eliminates Print ServersSave money by removing Print Servers & manage output and processes with fewer FTE’s
Support for print job tracking/accountingImproved document security and the ability to identify areas for savings
Automated print driver management & deploymentIncrease IT and user productivity and fewer print failures
Web-based portal to locate & define printersDramatically reduce print-related support calls and improve end user productivity and mobility
Reduce WAN traffic through Direct IP document deliveryImprove document delivery speed times and capture and account for all printing

Print Job Tracking & Accounting

The VPSX/DirectPrint solution includes print accounting tools that can track more than 260 attributes related to document origin, destination, size, color/paper handling characteristics, etc. With the help of built-in reports or third-party data analysis tools, you can use this information to:

  • Calculate consumable use for cost recovery/ chargeback
  • Locate underutilized, outdated, or costly print devices
  • Identify large or outdated hardcopy reports
  • Detect unauthorized access to sensitive information

Print Driver Management

VPSX/DirectPrint software automates driver deployment and maintenance by establishing a common repository for all print drivers used across the IT landscape. The repository allows for driver pre-configuration for increased administrator control and better resource utilization.

The LRS Print Driver Management (PDM) component is a lightweight agent installed on client workstations that communicates with the VPSX/DirectPrint driver repository. Driver updates or configuration changes in the central repository are automatically pushed to remote clients, thus preventing print problems and reducing the IT support burden.

End User Support

LRS Printer Portal 

Included with the VPSX/DirectPrint product is the LRS® Printer Portal. This intuitive, web-based interface makes it easy for users to locate and connect to nearby print devices while automatically provisioning the correct print driver.

Self Service IT

VPSX/DirectPrint software is designed to automate the most troublesome aspects of print management. Print drivers are installed and updated automatically, so your employees spend more time doing their jobs and less time fixing print problems.

For other basic tasks like locating nearby printers and defining queues, the intuitive web-based VPSX/DirectPrint interface provides users a powerful tool to address most of their printing needs.

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