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Workplace Output Management | LRS Output & Print Management

Eliminate Windows Print Servers

For most organizations, the need to purchase, deploy, and support large numbers of Windows® print servers is both time-consuming and expensive. One way to reduce IT cost and improve your print infrastructure is by replacing these numerous print servers with a single Output Management solution. 

LRS® Workplace Printing software offers a seamless middleware platform that is robust, highly scalable, and easily implemented. The solution handles all aspects of document capture, delivery, storage, and accounting to let you effectively manage output for centralized, distributed, mobile and/or virtualized environments. Manage, control and reduce your print costs with LRS Workplace Printing solutions.

How it works

LRS Workplace Printing Solutions

Regardless of your organization's size and requirements, LRS has a print management solution to fit your needs. Our Workplace Printing products include:

  • VPSX/Workplace® software that captures output from physical and virtual Windows hosts and provides assured document delivery to any print device. Like other LRS open systems solutions, it offers simplified print driver management/deployment/updates to ease the burden on IT staff. End users can quickly locate nearby devices and add new printer objects to Windows via an intuitive web-based portal interface. VPSX/Workplace software supports a hybrid print architecture that uses the robust LRS document spool, Direct IP printing, or both.
  • VPSX/DirectPrint™ software for customers who want the same rich feature set as the VPSX/Workplace product, but do not need the robust LRS spooling capabilities of other LRS Output Management solutions. Documents are delivered straight from a Windows client to the desired print device via a Direct IP connection.

Alone, or in tandem with other LRS extension software, LRS Workplace Printing solutions enable:

Print Server Consolidation


LRS software helped a European manufacturer reduce Windows print servers from 500 down to 140 with projected savings exceeding 2.1 million euros

Establishing LRS software as the central hub for all document output and storage eliminates Windows print servers and as well as printer-specific hardware such as DIMMs.

Policy Printing

LRS Policy Printing functionality enables organizations to develop and enforce cost-saving policies related to end-user printing. Administrators can specify the price of various printing options (e.g., color versus monochrome or duplex versus single-sided) and create a cost model for printing. Pop-up messages are presented to users at the time of print request to help them understand the cost impact of their print choices. This promotes more efficient use of print resources on the part of individual users and reduces overall enterprise printing costs.

Output Auditing

LRS Output Auditing creates management information reports that can identify and track over 60 document attributes including the job owner, originating system, target destination, page count, color characteristics, and more. This helps organizations understand how, when, and where documents are being printed as well as who accesses them in online form.  Such reports are commonly used by LRS customers for cost accounting, print reduction and internal device consolidation projects.

Mobile Printing

LRS Mobile Connector enables printing from any email-capable device, regardless of operating system. Unlike other solutions, LRS Mobile Connector utilizes a standard email-based approach, which converts inbound documents to the device into PDF format for secure management and delivery with no need to install or support any additional software or "apps".

Pull Printing

LRS Pull Printing brings secure document queuing and release capabilities to the VPSX/Workplace solution. Users can access any defined printer on the network and retrieve any or all of their queued print jobs by authenticating at the device.  Enterprise organizations typically have mixed fleet environments with devices having differing capabilities. With our solution, organizations can deploy pull printing functionality throughout their organizations, irrespective of the age or manufacturer of the device fleet.

View not Print

LRS Content Management provides a single secure facility for storing, locating, and viewing critical business application documents and other file types - quickly and with full auditing capabilities. Designed to provide instant access to critical information, LRS software employs powerful search tools and a user-friendly interface that enable authorized knowledge workers to quickly pinpoint relevant business information.