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Output & Print Auditing | LRS Output Management

Output and Print Auditing

Innovate/Audit™ software establishes output auditing for organizations by enabling them to understand how, when, and where documents are being printed as well as who accesses them in online form. This empowers organizations to find savings opportunities and improve compliance with corporate policies regarding data use.

When delivering output to a hardcopy or email destination, LRS® software can identify and track over 60 document attributes including the job owner, originating system, target destination, page count, color characteristics, and more.

  • Calculate costs for recovery/chargeback or MPS cost validation
  • Locate underutilized, outdated, or costly print devices
  • Identify large or outdated reports no longer needed in hardcopy form
  • Track over 60 document attributes including the job owner, originating system, target destination, page count, color characteristics, and more

Better Security, Savings and Analytics

Advanced reporting and analytics capabilities for all print dataAid decision makers in cost reduction, compliance, e-discovery, and environmental initiatives.
Understand the who, when, and where of any printingEasily and quickly identify data security and compliance issues
Understand the how of printingTrack information printed directly from Windows, Mac, Linux, and other workstations as well as virtual clients and mobile devices
Integrate with 3rd party reporting tools and applicationsUse existing tools and reporting skills to analyze print data
Analyze multiple data sources in one placeSingle interface for all print related data to do analysis and reporting

How Print Auditing works

The Innovate/Audit solution tracks document metadata captured by our software as well as Windows® print servers, thus providing an enterprise-wide view of document use or misuse. LRS Innovate/Audit reporting functions give decision makers a powerful tool to aid in cost reduction, compliance, and e-discovery efforts.

Document audit information provides a detailed view of an organization’s complete output environment. Customers can analyze this data using a variety of third-party utilities or with an LRS-supplied reporting tool, which comes with more than a dozen summary and detail reports designed to help companies identify ways to lower costs and increase document security.


Support OLAP Analytics

Support for OLAP Cube-based analytics lets organizations use a variety of tools to perform multi-dimensional analysis of print accounting data. These data include records generated by the VPSX software as well as statistics gathered from individual print devices. Using commonly-available business analytics tools, you can create interactive dashboards to help make sense of your organization’s document usage.


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