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LRS Implementation ServicesImplementation Services

LRS® products are designed for easy installation and configuration by customer IT staff. However, organizations with large or complex networks sometimes lack the IT resources to deploy and test a new output management environment in a timely manner. This is especially true when the installation coincides with the launch of a major new business application.

Our product implementation teams are available to help your staff install and configure LRS software in your environment, then customize the solution to your unique requirements. Examples include:

  • Integrating LRS software with your applications and security system
  • Configuring LRS software for high availability and automated replication
  • Mass configuring large numbers of devices using our Printer Definition and Deployment Tool (PDDT)
  • Deploying the LRS Personal Print Manager (PPM) utility to large numbers of end user devices
  • Configuring user and terminal printer settings for virtual desktops using our Virtual Session Print Agent (VSPA) solution
  • Configuring policies for document reprint/retention for hardcopy and/or archived documents

Whether you’re in a hurry to deploy or need assistance integrating LRS software into your environment, LRS can help. Click here to contact our Enterprise Output Management Services team.