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PageCenterX/Satellite | LRS Output Management


PageCenterX/Satellite software provides continued access to critical business data during planned or unplanned system outages.

As an extension of the LRS® Output Management suite, the solution integrates with a variety of business applications. Rules-based document retention and purging ensures that the correct document versions are available for reprinting or online viewing in case of a downtime event.

Setting Up PageCenterX/Satellite

Multiple remote instances of the PageCenterX/Satellite solution can synchronize with a “master” PageCenterX® server, each retaining copies of the specific documents needed by a given location or business unit. All configuration options can be managed centrally for simplified administration, including settings for document retention and expiration. This creates a single logical system for controlling all stored documents in virtual folders on the network.

When used in a healthcare EMR environment, the PageCenterX/Satellite solution lets clinicians access up-to-date medication and other information even during downtime events.

Improved Information Access

PageCenterX/Satellite provides:

  • Ready access to critical documents, regardless of application status
  • Improved compliance with downtime reporting regulations
  • Controlled information access for external partners and affiliates
  • Protection against outage-related Service Level Agreement penalties

PageCenterX Features and Benefits

Electronic document storage & distribution Saves money by reducing the need for hardcopy distribution and print-related infrastructure
Light footprint, web-based architecture Provides easy access for office-based and mobile users; no client software to install
Integration with Microsoft Office suite Enables end users to save files to and retrieve from PageCenterX storage without leaving Word, Excel, etc.
Integration with document imaging devices Saves time by archiving documents directly from device (“Scan2PCX” (e.g., HP MFPs, Kofax capture solutions, etc.)
Streamlined interface for mobile devices Enhances usability for mobile workers on the go
Support for multiple document formats and computing platforms Protects your investment in existing hardware, software,
and document data streams

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