LRS Releases New Breed of Document Management Solution

SPRINGFIELD, IL - August 3, 2007 – Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc. (LRS), a leader in output management, announced today the general availability of their PageCenterX™ solution, a new and easy way to store, search, and view documents and information. As organizations roll out new business applications, the PageCenterX solution is an ideal choice to centrally store and manage critical application output throughout its lifecycle.

Designed to provide instant access to critical information, PageCenterX software employs powerful search tools and a user-friendly interface that enable authorized knowledge workers to quickly pinpoint relevant business information. Going beyond traditional archival products, the solution features on-the-fly document indexing, document preview thumbnails, fuzzy search capability, seamless integration with popular enterprise security interfaces, and many more requested capabilities.

“While PageCenterX was being developed, LRS interviewed many potential customers, soliciting requirements as well as bouncing ideas off of them,” explains Brent Black, LRS Director of Product and International Marketing. “We also showed the product to some key industry analysts for their feedback and had one analyst visit Springfield for a briefing.”

The PageCenterX solution stores and manages all types of documents and files, leveraging this data to support critical business processes. The software also assists organizations in meeting new compliance, regulatory, and discovery requirements by placing secure control over the sensitive documents produced by critical line of business applications.

A national insurance provider quickly implemented the PageCenterX solution to store and retrieve documents produced by a new claims settlement system. The solution helps them meet their regulatory policies while also increasing the service levels provided by their call center representatives.

About LRS
LRS is a privately-held company with corporate headquarters located in Springfield, Illinois. Remote offices are located throughout the United States and in key geographic regions around the world. More than half of the Fortune 500 and Fortune 500 Service companies rely on industry-leading LRS solutions, with products in use in over 30 countries. Gartner and other analyst groups recognize LRS as a global IT leader. Software Magazine consistently ranks LRS as one of the top 200 software companies in the world. For more information about LRS, visit

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