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Output Management from LRS

In today’s technically advanced, fast-paced and even mobile work environments, printing, or document output, expediency and convenience sometimes take precedence over looking at ways to save time and reduce costs from the organizational perspective. Just because an organization is getting the job done doesn’t necessarily mean it is being done as efficiently as it could be.

Few organizations stop to consider the ongoing expense associated with document creation, delivery, storage, usage, and disposal, or simply put, document output management. However, leading analysts estimate that businesses spend between 1-3 percent of their revenues on document output.

The result: inefficient, unmanaged output processes can represent a huge financial burden - as well as a large untapped source of savings.

LRS® Output Management software helps you capture and format business information for secure, reliable document delivery in hardcopy or electronic form. Enterprise output management document archiving and pull printing solutions minimize unnecessary printing to save money while protecting your information. All while tracking document printing and access around the enterprise to aid in cost reduction and compliance efforts.

Document output management solutions from LRS offer output control management across your enterprise whether your environment includes custom mainframe applications, UNIX®, Linux®, Windows® and similar environments, or even business systems such as SAP®.

How LRS output management software works

To learn how LRS enterprise output management software can help you save money and get more from your business documents, click the links to the right or contact your LRS document professionals.

LRS Enterprise Output Management Flyer

Overview of LRS Enterprise Output Management. Learn how LRS solutions can provide a holistic scan, print and outputmanagement for your organization managing any document, from any location in any format.

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