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Delivering business-critical documents from any platform to any destination.

Solutions for Windows Print management and More

Today's employees are redefining the word "Workplace." They can do their jobs from home, the office, or even an airplane seat. Printing is no longer simple - but Workplace Printing software from LRS can make it simple. Our solutions help you:

How does Print Management work?

LRS® print management software eliminates document complexity and provides a single, powerful enterprise print management solution for managing both desktop printing and application-generated output

Key Capabilities

LRS software lets you easily address your biggest printing challenges. Go beyond printer monitoring and print server management:

  • Streamline your Windows® print server software environment by allowing you to manage all printer definitions, drivers, status notifications, etc. from a single interface.
  • Easily migrate printers, drivers, and other elements of your original print environment using a powerful set of LRS-developed migration utilities.
  • Eliminate disparate “point solutions” for printing by implementing a holistic output management system that routes documents from any application on any platform to any printer or destination.

Office printing

On Demand Webinars

Learn more about our solutions, products and services to support your workplace printing projects.

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Cloud Printing

SaaS, PaaS or to run your own Cloud Printing Solution on Premise

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Managed Services

Print Scan and Output Management Cloud Service

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SAP Output Management

SAP Certified Scan, Print and Output Management

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EMR Output

Improving healthcare printing & document delivery for faster, better patient care

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