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Printer Driver Management & Deployment

Mass Printer & Driver Deployment

LRS Enterprise Output Management software helps organizations streamline your print infrastructure by eliminating unnecessary print servers. But implementing this software often involves replacing of hundreds or thousands of existing printer definitions with new ones that work in the LRS output landscape. Along with the new printers, new print drivers may need to be installed on various servers and remote workstations.

Our LRS Printer Definition and Deployment Toolkit (PDDT) solution automates the mass deployment of print queues, definitions, drivers, and other elements of your print infrastructure. Administrators can make sweeping changes to the printing environment from a central facility to simplify initial installation or extend printing to new offices and/or business units.

LRS Printer Definition and Deployment Toolkit

The PDDT solution can also aid in making large changes to your printer fleet or quickly deploying print servers in backup & disaster recovery situations. During a recent system upgrade at a large healthcare organization, one LRS customer needed to make extensive changes to over 22,000 printers. Using Printer Driver Management software from LRS, a single administrator made all of these changes in about one hour.

Easier device and driver deployment is only one aspect of the LRS Output Management solution Contact LRS to learn how we can help you save money and improve your IT environment.

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