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Lexmark | LRS Printer Vendor Alliance


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LRS and Lexmark have worked together for more than a decade to provide technical integration between our product sets. The two companies have strengthened their partnership to enable closer integration of LRS’ embedded MFPsecure®/Print® client on eSF-capable Lexmark® multifunction devices.

Healthcare customers invested in Lexmark devices gain additional value in the integration of the Lexmark Tamper Resistant Prescription Printing solution with the LRS® Output Management software. The integration allows the LRS software to identify prescriptions to be printed, invoke the Lexmark Tamper Resistant Prescription solution to enhance the output with various security measures, then route the output to the appropriate Lexmark device. The result is secure prescriptions printed on plain paper – saving healthcare organizations considerable expense.   

From encrypted document delivery to enhanced pull printing, the LRS-Lexmark relationship helps our mutual customers get more from their document environments.

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Working with the Team

LRS Output Management understands the critical role that partnerships play in helping our customers achieve a competitive advantage. The company strives to provide the best partner experience, supported by systems and processes that facilitate easy and efficient interaction between partners, a culture of trust and cooperation, and a commitment to meaningful collaboration.

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