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Fuji Xerox


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FUJIFILM continues to develop technological advancements that help customers simplify their processes, expand their business offerings, and remain at the forefront of an ever-evolving marketplace.

Our ongoing relationship with FUJIFILM enables us to create software solutions that work seamlessly with FUJIFILM hardware. For example, LRS® MFPsecure®/Print and MFPsecure®/Scan for FUJIFILM take advantage of the secure document delivery capabilities of our Output Management server thus ensuring the security and integrity of the printed documents through the output process.

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Working with the Team

LRS Output Management understands the critical role that partnerships play in helping our customers achieve a competitive advantage. The company strives to provide the best partner experience, supported by systems and processes that facilitate easy and efficient interaction between partners, a culture of trust and cooperation, and a commitment to meaningful collaboration.

Cloud Printing

SaaS, PaaS or to run your own Cloud Printing Solution on Premise

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Managed Services

Print Scan and Output Management Cloud Service

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SAP Output Management

SAP Certified Scan, Print and Output Management

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EMR Output

Improving healthcare printing & document delivery for faster, better patient care

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