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Secure Scan and Print for Compliance

Protect your documents, your customers, and your business

Financial documents contain some of the most sensitive information in the world. Account balances, merger plans, sensitive intellectual property – these and other types of data are as valuable as they are vulnerable. Protecting such information is not just smart. It is the law.

GDPR, Sarbanes-Oxley, and other regulations are designed to ensure the safety and integrity of financial data for the benefit of all parties involved. Failure to comply with these and other mandates puts both your reputation and bottom line at risk.

LRS software is designed from the ground up to protect document data from the moment it is created until it is safely delivered to the authorized recipient. Through the use of industry-leading encryption and secure document access control, our solutions protect your sensitive documents and, by extension, your business stakeholders.

“How does LRS software enhance document security?”

The LRS output management suite leverages industry-leading security features and techniques to protect your sensitive documents, including:

Robust auditing and monitoring facilities that let administrators track who printed, viewed, or scanned which documents, when, where, and using which IT resources.

Industry-leading encryption and authentication features that protect document data while in motion across the network, while at rest on a document spool or server, and when being retrieved by an authorized recipient.

Secure document scanning and workflows that make it easy to turn hardcopy documents into digital ones that are not only easier to store and share but are also easier to protect.

Document retention & archiving solutions to aid in regulatory compliance efforts as well as enable forensic auditing and document reprint requests.

In this Section

Regulatory Compliance

Compliance and Regulation

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Security microchip with LRS colors

Secure Printing

A fully monitored and secure path that documents each step for a complete audit trail - Read More

Printer menu

Secure Scan & Workflow

Scan, Optimize, Share & Store your critical documents - Read More

LRS Dashboard

Auditing & Reporting

LRS provides a centralized monitoring system over all output that is generated within the enterprise  - Read More

LRS Output Managment Print Security

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