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Auditing & Reporting

Print Auditing & Reporting

In any business, it is important to know who accessed what data, where and when; this is especially important in the financial sector. The laws and regulations in the various countries and regions require all businesses to closely monitor and keep logs of all activity concerning the data access, transfer and production. Printing is one of those activities that requires auditing, though this area tends to still be overlooked or disregarded.

This poses a risk to those enterprises, especially as changing work conditions have increased data vulnerability. Employees are no longer necessarily on the corporate network when they use company data, so the ability to audit document access is critically important. Financial services providers often have an overall digital presence with a mobile workforce that can work from any location. This makes safeguarding sensitive information that is accessed from outside the company network even more difficult

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How Financial Services Providers Audit Printer Usage with LRS

LRS provides a centralized monitoring system that tracks all output generated within the enterprise. A print record is stored on the central server and remains available for reporting purposes. There are a variety of reports available to indicate how data was used.

These reports can be used to demonstrate what measures were taken to protect data across the enterprise. The LRS reporting functionality provides a full document audit trail. It includes all printing, regardless of where/when/how employees access and print data.

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LRS Reporting Software – Tracks Printing both Now and in the Future

At LRS, we believe that print tracking software should be able to cover today’s needs as well as future ones. With the rapid pace of business changes in the finance industry, our solutions must keep pace.

Whether you need to support remote employees or secure processes that make use of the public Internet, LRS solutions help you monitor your printing processes from any origin, using any platform to any destination.

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