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Secure Scan & Workflow

Secure Scan & Workflow

LRS Secure Scanning solutions help financial organizations leverage their multifunction printing devices for improved document workflows. The software transforms paper documents into digital files. Our software scans the physical document and then processes the scanned document, making them fully editable and searchable before entering them into the workflow. This helps end users easily find, retrieve, and share documents in a digital format.

Secure document scanning is still a core need in many enterprises and if there is one industry where scanning is still put to use on a daily level, it is the finance and banking sector. It is a market with a high level of interaction as well as signed and notarized documents that need to be digitized again for proper processing. There are a number of applications, processes and archiving requirements that depend heavily on the ability to scan and digitalize documents.

Entering the Workflow

Scanned documents need to be carefully routed in order to be digitalized accurately and securely. One of the problems that occurs is the addition of tags or information that is required to properly enter the document into the workflow. Manual interference for adding information is prone to error and can result in documents not ending up at the proper destination. One of the features within MFPsecure/Scan is automated document handling. A guided process with simple options to complete the scan in the most efficient manner. It takes the complexity out of manually adding information. Banking employees easily navigate through the workflow by following the steps, leaving little room for error.


Properly set up workflows and a seamless integration between the scanning device and the back-end application will impact the availability of information throughout the enterprise. The ability to quickly initiate a scan will improve the productivity. The instant availability of the digitalized document will add further gain to the productivity of the banking staff. Ultimately, a highly efficient document workflow will support staff with their day to day routines and consequently benefit the customers.

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One Solution – Multiple Benefits

Integrated scanning solutions offer a very intuitive experience for end users. Having advanced technology at the core of the scan solution results in highly optimized digital documents that are easy to find, edit, share, store, and retrieve. To enhance security, each step within the document life cycle is reported for auditing purposes. This way, financial services providers can be certain that they comply with relevant data protection regulations.

The combination of security and ease of use makes MFPsecure/Scan software from LRS a valuable addition to any IT infrastructure within the finance sector. The vendor-agnostic solution can provide a unified end user experience for all banking staff throughout the enterprise.

LRS Output Managment Print and Device Security

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