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Software AG

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Software AG helps organizations achieve their business objectives faster. The company’s big data, integration and business process technologies enable customers to drive operational efficiency, modernize their systems and optimize processes for smarter decisions and better service. Building on over 40 years of customer-centric innovation, the company is among the top 10 fastest-growing technology companies in the world and is ranked as a leader in 15 market categories, fueled by a core family of products including Adabas® and Natural®, ARIS®, Terracotta and webMethods®.

Like LRS, Software AG® serves many of the leading Fortune 500 companies. LRS and Software AG share a development relationship. This alliance produced mainframe-based software that enables Software AG Natural customers to manage their output using Enterprise Output Management.

DRS/Natural provides a direct interface to the mainframe spooling subsystem - JES - and enables delivery of Natural output to SNA, TCP/IP, or LAN attached printers. This solution can also funnel output from a variety of other platforms, providing administrators with a single point of control and accurate print status information. Natural customers can flexibly route output to various printer types on different networks, enable use of AFP® resources, and implement archiving, online viewing, faxing, and emailing of their Natural documents - all without modifying Natural applications..

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Working with the Team

LRS Output Management understands the critical role that partnerships play in helping our customers achieve a competitive advantage. The company strives to provide the best partner experience, supported by systems and processes that facilitate easy and efficient interaction between partners, a culture of trust and cooperation, and a commitment to meaningful collaboration.

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