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LRS Managed Services | LRS Value Proposition

LRS Value Proposition

Reliable, consistent document delivery is the key to many critical business processes; one reason why some of the world’s largest organizations depend on LRS software.

LRS Managed Services builds on this proven foundation of software solutions, leveraging the expertise and trained support network we’ve built over four decades in the business. Working together, LRS and our clients tailor our Support Level Agreements (SLAs) to find an optimum balance between availability, cost, and responsiveness.

Higher ROI, lower risk.  Easy to implement, hard to beat.

The LRS Managed Services offering is built around our legendary Enterprise Output Management software. Running in thousands of installations across six continents, this flexible, scalable solution provides reliable and secure document delivery for some of the world’s largest organizations.

In a recent study by market analysis firm IDC, interviews with LRS customers indicated that organizations achieved a 486% Return on Investment (ROI) and a breakeven period of six months. The average customer included in the study avoided $1.4 million in revenue losses related to failed or inefficient document delivery.

LRS Managed Services delivers the benefits of the LRS software in a faster and more simplified manner. Our ITIL certified Managed Services personnel have the knowledge and expertise to get the most from the LRS software and your print hardware. Following industry best practices, our teams configure and maintain the solutions for maximum efficiency and reliability.

Our structured approach helps our team mitigate risk in your environment. Should document problems arise, the services team managing your environment may leverage colleagues in LRS’ product support, systems engineering, and development organizations to assist in resolving your issues in a prompt, professional manner.

Result? The advantages of a global organization with the personal attention of a team who understands your unique requirements.

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