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SAP Output Management | SAP Print Management

SAP Output Management by LRS

In conjunction with SAP®, LRS has developed a fully integrated, web-based software solution that replaces nearly all of a customer’s incumbent print server infrastructure and specialized hardware.

This results in significant cost savings for hardware and infrastructure plus a reduction in administration and helpdesk resources needed to manage and support document output. 

SAP Output Management by LRS has been proven to:

  • Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Lower IT service costs for managing print
  • Prevent document delivery failures impacting business operations
  • Centralize management of distributed printers from multiple SAP instances
  • Deliver rapid, innovative business process change
  • Increase end user productivity


The VPSX/OutputManager® solution is platform- and device-independent, so it won’t matter if you want to change printer providers, upgrade your Windows® version, or start using cloud or virtualized desktops.

Combined with other LRS® products, the solution can be extended to include your entire output landscape from mainframe through all open systems applications to create a single standard middleware platform for output.

Our Certified SAP printing solution replaces nearly all of the native print server infrastructure and specialized hardware

VPSX/OutputManager Cloud

With SAP’s embrace of Cloud architectures, SAP customers need a way to ensure the integrity and security of their critical document-driven workflows. This is especially important for applications running in the SAP S/4HANA Cloud® Public Edition, which lack the secure print infrastructure of traditional on-premise SAP environments.

The VPSX/OutputManager Cloud solution from LRS extends VPSX strengths and concepts into the Cloud ERP arena. Based on our proven VPSX/OutputManager architecture, the solution provides an SAP certified integration with the SAP BTP-Print service through the BTP-PRINT-OMS interface and supports the adoption of Rise with SAP and Grow with SAP initiatives.

Integration with SAP

After LRS implementation

The LRS SAP Printing Solution transforms native SAP GOF / OTF formats into printer-ready data streams with required inline font characters (e.g., Unicode) and barcodes, thus eliminating the need for costly printer add-on hardware modules. SAP originally developed its External Output Management (BC-XOM) interface to offer a scalable alternative to problematic native OS-based document facilities. With the advent of their Cloud-based RISE with SAP service, they likewise provided customers way to offload the burden of printing from SAP application and support staff alike.

VPSX/OutputManager software leverages certified, proven application interfaces to provide reliable end-to-end document delivery and status feedback from the SAP user screen and from the SAP print spool to the printed page. To support SAP customers’ movement to Cloud technology, LRS has developed a Cloud-enabled output management solution compatible with SAP’s S4HC-ES-PRINT-OMS interface and RISE with SAP service offering. Our proven LRS software integrates with SAP document composition tools SAPscript and/or SAP SmartForms as well as other 3rd party tools such as OpenText™ StreamServe® to ensure we effectively manage your entire output landscape.

Sap And LRS Achieving Value Through Optimized Document Delivery

Administration of SAP Printing and Document Output

VPSX/OutputManager software provides a single point of control and administration for managing documents and from SAP applications. This centralized control simplifies and reduces the time for installation, moves, adds and changes (IMAC) when rolling out SAP changes or consolidating instances.

The solution provides automated error detection and correction to ensure operational continuity. Any issues that do occur can be quickly and easily resolved through the centralized web interface.


Replace Hardware Solutions


Replace multiple point solutions

Functionality Icon Outline Blue

Future proof desktop and application integration

Touch Screen Interface Icon Outline Blue

Unified end-user experience

Centralization icon outline blue

Centralize incident and change management

Resize icon Outline Blue

Maximize efficiency and scalability

Analytic Dashboard Icon Outline Blue

Central auditing and reporting

Security Icon Outline Blue

Built in security with end to end encryption

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Simplify Print and Output Management for Cloud-based SAP S/4HANA and RISE with SAP environments.  Don’t migrate your legacy SAP individual language forms, printer tray configuration, printer definitions, and complicated print servers. Eliminate them quickly and easily with LRS.

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