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Many organizations have turned to virtualization solutions like XenDesktop and XenApp offered by Citrix to keep a lid on escalating application licensing and server costs. While those benefits help organizations keep their budgets in line, virtualizing desktops and application servers can also increase the complexity of document printing for the organization.

As a result of working with multiple users experiencing frustration with printer definitions not being persistent across user sessions and trying to troubleshoot print failures, LRS began working closely with Citrix several years ago as part of the Citrix Ready program.

Being a member of the Citrix Ready program, LRS Developers gain early access to new versions of the XenApp and XenDesktop applications so we can address changes in the new versions of those products. Once we adapt our products to the new versions, we submit the enhanced versions of our products to Citrix for compatibility testing. This process ensures our products work seamlessly with the new versions of the Citrix product line as they are introduced to the market. 

Our Virtual Session Printer Agent (VSPA) product provides Citrix XenApp customers with significant value in minimizing the number of print objects required to be defined on a XenApp server. Xen Desktop customers gain additional value in being able to have printer definitions be persistent across user sessions, allow users to find and define printers based on their location and other ways of simplifying printing from a XenDesktop application environment.

The LRS Approach