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Document Process Automation for Manufacturing & Logistics

Document Process Automation

Documents drive many complex workflows in the manufacturing and distribution environment. However, assembling the necessary documentation can itself be a complex process — especially when various customs paperwork and/or declarations sheets must be included based on the articles being shipped. For example, Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and hazardous material (HAZMAT) documents are required by law when shipping certain products.

Pharmaceutical companies may be required to transmit certain documentation to regulators and customers before a shipment ever leaves the dock. Failure to comply with such regulations can result in serious fines or sanctions.

Automating Document Processes, Improving Business Outcomes

LRS Document Automation

LRS® Document Automation software can simplify the process of producing and gathering the necessary documentation while eliminating the need for costly manual document processing.

Based on the document contents or application-generated XML data, the LRS software automatically formats, bundles, and delivers all information needed to maintain regulatory compliance. Watermarks, overlays, timestamps, and other security features can also be inserted to prevent document misuse and improve production workflows.

How document process automation works

Because no two customers have the same business needs, LRS document process automation software is designed to provide flexibility and a high degree of customization. Our document management experts work with customer teams to identify business requirements and develop a scalable solution that meets your current business needs. One that adapts to your ever-changing requirements as your business grows.

"What can LRS document automation software do?"

The LRS solution lets you combine, decollate, bundle, and customize the way your documents are presented to their final recipient. Some examples of this functionality include:

    • Assembling a packet of individual documents created by multiple applications. Several different applications may generate documents that are all related to one business transaction. LRS software eliminates the need to manually collate or handle these various documents and makes sure they are presented in the correct order.
    • Applying documentation standards. A major logistics firm uses the solution to ensure proper terms and conditions are included with their shipping documentation while assembling a paper trail from purchase order to delivery note to ensure prompt payment
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance. A large wholesaler uses the solution to make sure that hazardous material documentation is always in compliance when shipping government-regulated products.
  • Simplifying multi-national shipping issues. A European drug company uses LRS software to streamline a complicated shipping process that requires different documents in different formats depending on the location of the end customer.

Contact our experts to learn how LRS document automation solutions can improve the efficiency of your document processes and save you money.

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