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Document Collection | LRS Output Management

Document Collection

Invoices. Emails. Shipping orders, business letters, and thousand-page summary reports. Documents come in all shapes and sizes from countless applications on a variety of platforms. They contain the information that you need to run your business efficiently and effectively every day of the year.

It may seem like a simple matter, but managing such a diverse output environment can be time-consuming and extremely expensive. Sometimes in the course of running a business, it is easy to overlook inefficiencies and just continue to do thigs the way they’ve always been done. Whether it’s a simple matter of not realizing there’s a better way, or having a staff that is overwhelmed just trying to keep up, there are printer queue software solutions that can help you better manage your processes.

VPSX Enterprise™ software simplifies output management by collecting documents from every application and platform and routing them to a robust LRS output spool. Using this spooling facility, the scalable solution acts as a central point of control for all application output, providing a uniform way to manage the formatting and delivery of any document to any hardcopy and electronic destination.

From the application perspective, the LRS solution acts as a virtual printer, one that never goes offline or runs out of paper. Documents are successfully delivered on the very first attempt, freeing business applications from the burden of printing and error handling. 

Applications can connect to the VPSX Enterprise solution using standard network protocols including LPR and IPP or more advanced connection methods like the LRSQueue+ protocol.  

The LRSQueue protocol was developed by LRS to provide maximum document control and high network efficiency. Our printer queue supports up to 256-bit encryption of output streams and data compression levels frequently exceeding 90%. When communicating with an application via the LRSQueue protocol, the solution can use document metadata to control nearly every aspect of document capture, processing, formatting, delivery, and tracking. For this reason, many business software providers have incorporated LRSQueue support in their most popular applications.

For organizations focused on eliminating Windows® Print Servers and replacing them with a simple yet powerful central point of control, LRS offers VPSX/Workplace®and VPSX/DirectPrint™ software. A number of application-specific solutions are available for leading line of business applications including SAP®, various EMR healthcare packagesmodernization tools, and more.

Contact our document experts to learn how LRS can help you save money and improve your document-intensive business processes.

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