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Reduce Infrastructure with output & print Management

Reduce Print Infrastructure

As your organization grows, so does the complexity of your IT infrastructure. Often, companies implement additional software, servers, and output devices to deliver the business-critical documents that drive business processes.


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LRS software helped a European manufacturer reduce Windows print servers from 600 down to 30 with projected savings exceeding 2.1 million euros.

In the short term, adding another print server or MFP may be a simple way to address end user needs. But over time, this approach results in a patchwork of redundant systems that is both costly to maintain and difficult to manage.

LRS® software runs as a seamless middleware platform that is robust, highly scalable, and easily implemented. Our print server software handles all aspects of document capture, delivery, storage, and accounting to let you effectively manage output for centralized, distributed, mobile and/or virtualized environments.

Establishing LRS software as the central hub for all document output and storage helps you by eliminating print servers as well as printer-specific hardware such as DIMMs. By controlling all print with a single instance of the LRS Output Management solution you also enable centralized accounting of documents across your organization. This helps LRS customers generate audit reports used for cost accounting, print reduction and internal device consolidation projects.

Powerful web-based management facilities give administrators full control over their users’ critical documents without the need to purchase and maintain local print servers. LRS customers report savings of over $1 million per year through the elimination of Windows® print servers, specialty font hardware and other infrastructure components.

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LRS EOM Executive Summary

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