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MFPsecure/Print for XT | LRS Pull Printing

MFPsecure®/Print for XT

Many single-function or older multifunction devices do not have a touchscreen or keypad interface for controlling complex workflows. However, the MFPsecure®/Print for XT solution can enable pull printing on these devices through use of special network interface cards and badge reader hardware. 

MFPsecure®/Print for XT software offers secure document spooling and delivery capabilities, meaning users never have to worry about information being lost before the last page physically prints. To securely retrieve documents at an MFPsecure®/Print for XT connected printer, a user simply taps an access badge on the proximity badge reader. All of the user’s queued documents are released at once from the secure LRS® queue to the printer.

The MFPsecure®/Print for XT solution can be used in conjunction with embedded LRS pull printing software solutions running on many different vendors' multifunction devices.