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Secure Printing

Secure Printing

The finance and banking sector is one that deals almost exclusively with confidential data. Many times that data was entrusted to them other parties, including their customers. It is vital to safeguard this data any time it is accessed or shared.

Should data get exposed, it opens up a variety of scenarios, none of them with a positive ending for either bank or customer. Because of that risk, banks cannot accept even the slightest of errors when it comes to dealing with highly confidential customer details.

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Data Encryption

When providing a secure printing solution for a financial institution, encryption is a key capability as is pull printing and mobile printing. Data encryption enables the secure transfer of data. The moment that the data is decrypted is the moment that data is once again accessible to unauthorized users.

For most banks, the data is retrieved from a server or mainframe at a headquarters location and then transferred to a branch office. Some banks have outsourced high volume printing and need to secure the transfer of data to a third party. Today, with the rise of remote employees and the hybrid banking business, control is almost completely out of the hands of the IT department. Anyone can access data from any location, even over the public Internet. The need to secure data has never been higher.

LRS Secure Printing Experiences

In order to fully audit print it is first important to be able to process print jobs from any type of origin. Financial services institutions often carry thousands of critical business applications. In addition they have traditional workplace printing, some also have VDI. LRS solutions can capture an process print jobs from any application on any platform (Mainframe, Windows, Unix, Linux). A log file containing the complete process of the print command to the final printed document is stored for auditing purposes.

A bank was printing pin numbers from the mainframe. The requirement was to provide a solution where the data is encrypted on the mainframe and consequently sent encrypted over the network via TCP/IP, only to be decrypted at the printer itself to prevent any unauthorized third party to be able to read any captured data between the application and the printer. The LRS software provided them with this capability.

Whatever the secure printing need, LRS solutions address all of the pain points that financial institutions are facing. The feature rich software provides a secure print process, from submission to production. A fully monitored and secure path that documents each step for a complete audit trail. Pull print and mobile print (with an option to have proximity printing enabled) add an additional layer of security. To learn more about LRS secure printing processes and secure printing solutions.

LRS Output Managment Print Security

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