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PageCenter for Mainframe | LRS Output Management

PageCenter for Mainframe

PageCenter® software offers an enterprise-wide content management solution for archiving and viewing line data, formatted AFP® and Xerox® data, PDF documents, and much more. Complete logging facilities make it possible for operations staff to track and control report access and user printing volumes.

user success

One user at a New York-based financial services firm notes that after implementing PageCenter, their weekly stack of printouts went from 4 feet down to 4 inches

PageCenter enforces limits on printing and effectively reduces the potential for an information breach, while tracking and controlling access to a document throughout its life cycle. The PageCenter strategy is simple: distribute access to documents instead of distributing the documents themselves.

Organizations benefit from viewing reports and other information via the browser-based PageCenter Web Access client or text-based clients. Both enable users to find information more quickly and print only what they need.

Browser-based Report Access

PageCenter lets users organize and navigate reports using an intuitive web-based viewer. Users receive email notifications containing a link to their reports. They simply click the link, log on, and start viewing and searching through information. Users can print a specific page, copy and paste data, or save data to a file or virtual folder. Users can also extract archive data to a spreadsheet or other PC applications for additional analysis or presentation. 

Automated Report Decollation

PageCenter can automatically decollate reports and deliver email notification to the appropriate users. For example, the solution can quickly divide large reports by accounting unit to eliminate manual bursting, delivery delays, and expense.

Usage-based Statistics

Organizations can rely on accurate audit logs produced for all user access to reports and printing. These statistics can also help an organization identify and eliminate reports which few users ever access.

Document Security

PageCenter protects sensitive information, securing access and delivery of electronic reports inside and outside an organization’s firewalls. A log of all users' data access helps administrators run security audits and mitigate risk. Organizations can control administrative authority by function or group to set up tiers of administrative scope.