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Cloud First

Cloud First

Many organizations are moving their business applications and data to the Cloud. Why? Because it often represents the most efficient way to manage their IT infrastructure. Whatever the migration strategy, the ultimate goal is high performance, scalability and availability at the lowest possible cost. Compared with a traditional, static infrastructure, the Cloud-based IT approach enables you to pay only for what you need and have the flexibility to adjust this as your needs change. The upside: you never pay for more than you need.

While the potential cost savings and flexibility of Cloud IT migration are appealing, there are a number of organizations that fear loss of control over their data. This is especially true in the financial services industry, with its strict rules and regulations for data protection and data loss prevention.

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Preparing Today for the Cloud-ready Future of Tomorrow

The first step to being Cloud-ready is knowing what systems cannot or should not be migrated. Certain data and applications may very well be better left running on an on-site hosted server. Applications that have been modified to accommodate organization- or branch-specific needs also reside best in an on-premise setup.

Certain business aspects are best left under a banking and finance organization’s full control, in order to maintain a certain level of guaranteed security. At this point, many financial services providers find that the need for data protection exceeds the need for cost savings.

Outsourcing and Moving to the Cloud

Migrating to the Cloud facilitates future growth and allows organizations to better align business operations with future market demands.

LRS solutions have been successfully hosted in the Cloud for years, albeit in private Cloud environments. This is a popular arrangement for financial services providers, as a private Cloud is exclusively used by that organization. This provides the level of control that is required within this sector.

With the rise of ITOs in the financial services sector, LRS software has become part of a solution set commonly deployed from the Cloud and managed by an external party. This can be a private Cloud structure, giving the customer sole use and full control over data in the environment.

Though Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure are best known for their public Cloud offerings, they do indeed support a private Cloud or a hybrid approach that combines public and private. This private-public Cloud combination may be appealing to finance and banking customers in the future, with business critical applications running on the private Cloud while workplace related processes use the public Cloud. It could be an alternative way to secure data and improve IT efficiency for those in finance and banking.

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Looking for a Managed Cloud Printing Service?

Let the subject matter experts manage your LRS software and worry about maintaining your printing environment; we can do all the administration and servicing of your LRS software.

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