LRS Commissions Report on Enterprise Output Management and its Alignment with Managed Print Services

Cheltenham, UK – December 08, 2009 – Today, Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc. (LRS) announced the publication of an independent report by Quocirca, highlighting the opportunities for cost benefits and improved efficiencies from an Enterprise Output Management (EOM) strategy. Commissioned by LRS, the study discusses the growth of Managed Print Services (MPS) and the opportunity to expand the scope of MPS to include an EOM strategy.

“After coming across several of Quocirca’s reports in the EOM space, we approached them about developing a paper about the complimentary value of EOM in relation to MPS,” said Stuart Ridout, LRS Manager of European Alliances. “As an industry leader in enterprise output management, we’ve closely tracked the recent growth in MPS projects. We felt a report of this nature would help prospective customers more fully understand both the promise and the problems associated with MPS, but more importantly the opportunity to drive greater savings and benefits by considering the whole document landscape as part of the MPS.”

According to Louella Fernandes, Principal Analyst at Quocirca, “Over the last 18 months, cutting costs and improving efficiency have become increasingly vital to the survival of almost all organizations and the output environment can be a huge cost drain for any enterprise.”

“Output management, and particularly MPS, is often overlooked because of the lack of central ownership for such projects. With various departments responsible for different elements, it can be difficult to get a clear view of an organization’s enterprise output management landscape,” says Fernandes. “By implementing an output management strategy that covers an organization's entire output from office printing to mission critical documents, organizations can uncover opportunities for significant cost savings in both resource and monetary terms.”

‘Uncovering the Enterprise Output Management Opportunity’ is free to view and available now at:

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