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Infrastructure Consolidation

Infrastructure Consolidation

At some point, many large enterprises decide to standardize and simplify their IT infrastructures, and financial service providers are no exception. Over years, they have typically acquired specialized hardware to print bank statements or issue bank cards, and each branch may have a unique IT setup.

Unfortunately, this often results in more equipment and more software licenses from a variety of vendors. In the end, this leads to difficulties managing and maintaining the output environment. Infrastructure consolidation is a way to take the complexity out of printing.

Consolidation efforts within the finance and banking sector

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Specialized hardware

Print infrastructures get more complex and costly when they require specialized hardware to process certain output. Printing special characters or barcodes is common in the finance sector, as is the need to print on things other than paper, e.g., bank cards. Specifically in this sector, projects to change from legacy IPDS to more universal PDLs enable the use of more cost-efficient multifunction printers. Transitioning away from specialized hardware by implementing LRS software and transforms can bring large cost savings.

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Print fleet consolidation

By implementing LRS Output Management software, regular printers can be used to process and produce output containing the previously mentioned special characters and barcodes. This eliminates the need for specialty hardware. Further consolidation can be accomplished by implementing secure pull printing that will allow employees to use any device to print their required output. This reduces the need to have certain printers available for certain documents or to assign dedicated printers for employees who deal with highly sensitive data.

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Server elimination

Many financial institutions have successfully eliminated their print servers by implementing LRS solutions. We simplify the print process by minimizing the need for print servers and other components. result? Fewer points of failure and improved control and visibility. LRS software does not rely on Windows print servers to process output. Our software functions as a platform-agnostic gateway that processes all output, making the need for any print server redundant.

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Software standardization

A lot of IT infrastructures rely on multiple software solutions, each of which needs to be managed and maintained. As these systems often do not integrate, it can be hard to troubleshoot problems if any occur. Operational inefficiency can greatly improve by standardizing on a single, centralized solution or a suite of solutions offering an overview to those managing the IT infrastructure. In other words, one portal to track all company-wide printing.

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