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Print Reduction

Print Reduction (view not print)

Decades after its prediction, the “paperless office” remains an elusive dream. But the office with less paper? It’s available right now.

There are many ways to reduce the paper associated with printing including duplex printing and 2-up printing. Another alternative is pull printing, in which the intended document recipient must authenticate their identity at the output device before printing begins. This eliminates the waste associated with unclaimed hardcopy documents as well as the potential for unauthorized information access.

Digitialization and Electronic Documents

Better yet is a “view not print” strategy in which documents are created electronically then distributed in PDF or other electronic form.

In the document-intensive banking, insurance, and financial sectors, the cost savings of this approach can be impressive indeed.

Reduce Costs and Expenditure

Document digitization can eliminate or reduce expenses related to:

  • Document consumables (paper, toner, etc.)
  • Print volume costs (e.g., “click charges”)
  • Document delivery fees (postage, parcel carrier, etc.)
  • Hardcopy storage costs (e.g., space cost, handling expenses


PageCenterX software from LRS is a “view not print” content management solution that lets you distribute digital access to the documents your users need, rather than distributing the documents themselves. Documents are stored in a highly compressed, encrypted format, and are accessible by users via an intuitive, browser-based web interface.

Large customers with a global presence report over 2 million pages in annual print savings using PageCenterX software. Full integration with our VPSX print management software ensures secure, reliable hardcopy delivery for situations when printing is required.

Electronic document storage & distributionSaves money by reducing the need for hardcopy distribution and print-related infrastructure
Light footprint, web-based architectureProvides easy access for office-based and mobile users; no client software to install
Integration with Microsoft Office suiteEnables end users to save files to and retrieve from PageCenterX storage without leaving Word, Excel, etc.
Integration with document imaging devicesSaves time by archiving documents directly from device (“Scan2PCX” (e.g., HP MFPs, Kofax capture solutions, etc.)
Streamlined interface for mobile devicesEnhances usability for mobile workers on the go
Support for multiple document formats and computing platformsProtects your investment in existing hardware, software,
and document data streams

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