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Document Accessibility

Document Accessibility (Transformation)

With decades of development and billions of lines of proven code, it is no wonder more than 90 of the top 100 global banks continue to rely on mainframe applications for their core systems. An estimated 12. 6 billion transactions per day and US$7.7 trillion in annual credit card payments are processed using this proven platform.

Since 1981, LRS has been the leading provider of output management software for mainframe and other enterprise computing environments.

How can LRS Output Management help?

Our proven software gives organizations the ability to:

  • Capture output from any application on any platform
  • Convert the document(s) to any required format(s)
  • Deliver it in a secure manner to any target destination
  • Monitor and control all aspects of the print environment, including data stream conversion processes, output devices, and user access
  • Audit current and historical print activity for troubleshooting and security purposes

Working with Mainframe Environments

Many financial services providers rely on LRS software as the key element for document accessibility in mainframe environments. It offers them the proven resilience of the mainframe with the added simplicity of a modern software solution. IT administrators gain a centralized overview of all enterprise-wide printing — regardless of document origin or destination – and can easily manage any printing problems that occur. An intuitive browser-based monitoring interface gives end users the ability to check the status of their print jobs.

For more than 40 years, LRS has been helping financial institutions make the most of their enterprise computing and document assets. Regardless of how our customers’ business environments evolve, LRS remains committed to helping them overcome their document challenges.

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