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When discussing the topic of secure printing in a Workplace (Windows) environment, pull print solutions are inevitably part of the conversation. Pull printing is very often included in the requirements of a Managed Print Services (MPS) RFP, and the function is fast becoming a commodity for most customers. There are various approaches to enabling pull print functionality:

  • Server-based method — your document is retained on a print server until you release it from the printer or MFP
  • Client-based or “serverless” method — your document is retained on your computer until you release it from the printer or MFP

Pull printing is a very efficient way to ensure that your documents (especially sensitive ones) are not seen or taken by someone else. Because the documents are not printed until you or your delegate authenticate at the printer or MFP, there is no opportunity for the information to be compromised while it is sitting in the printer output tray.

This is all well and good, but you may be wondering “what about my non-Windows documents, such as those generated by mainframe, AS/400, SAP, ERP, and other applications?” One of the key benefits of the LRS pull print solution is that it can also help customers to manage and retrieve those documents generated from a non-Windows environment.

Today, digitalization is everywhere, both inside and outside the workplace. Smartphones and tablets are often work tools just as important as a desktop computer. As such, it is important to be able to print securely from these mobile devices too. LRS Mobile Printing software enables users to seamlessly connect to our pull printing solution and improve security in BYOD and other mobile computing environments.

In addition to ensuring security while printing from a Windows or non-Windows machine, pull print solutions can help companies lower print-related costs by eliminating personal printers and deploying a more homogeneous printer fleet. Implementing a pull print solution can significantly reduce infrastructure costs by eliminating the need for many dedicated Windows Print Servers. In a recent example, a global auto manufacturer reduced their total Windows Print Server count from 100 servers to just three.

There are many pull printing solutions on the market but not all are equal and not all are designed to address the same customer requirements. When you are working with large enterprise customers, there are many factors to consider. At LRS, we design enterprise-class solutions that support pull printing regardless of whether the documents originate on Windows or non-Windows applications, smartphones, tablets, or other devices. Our goal is to provide a pull print solution that enhances user productivity while integrating seamlessly into your IT environment.

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