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If the users of your current document viewing and archive product/content management solution aren’t complaining (not loudly, anyway), then why would you consider switching to another one? 

Let me count the reasons…

First, maybe you are saddled with multiple archive products due to each user or application group selecting their own solution. Or you might have ended up with multiple archives and/or archive systems through the process of acquisitions/mergers with other organizations. As a result, you are not happy about having to pay for and supporting multiple archive products. Who can blame you?

Another reason for discontent might be concerns about either the financial viability of your archive vendor and/or future cost increases.  Many archiving systems have been sold off to another company since they were originally developed. Moreover, their interfaces — often desktop “fat clients” — are getting long in the tooth.  In some cases, the companies acquiring such legacy archive packages had to take on a lot of debt to buy the solution at the peak of its value. As a result, some customers have been unable to get a firm cost for their license renewal in advance, and then received a bill for an exponential increase in cost. Surprise; the vendor just blew a hole in your IT budget.

Other mainframe customers are constantly on the lookout for ways to shift processing workloads from that platform. They may even be pursuing a “Modernization” project to get off that platform completely. Again, if the goal is to lower costs or reduce the number of platforms they need to support, who can blame them?

Whatever your motivation might be, LRS has PageCenterX® software, a document web viewing and archive product.  The PageCenterX solution runs on all major Windows, Linux, and UNIX server platforms, as well as z/Linux on the mainframe.  It uses a thin (i.e., no plug-in/add-on or Java required) web browser user interface.  LRS also has an inhouse staff dedicated to Archive Conversion and Migration services, with lots of experience and utilities for providing these services. We have converted both mainframe and open systems archive products to the PageCenterX solution.  LRS is a global, privately held company, with no debt and a 40-year record of growth. How many other IT companies can say all of that?

You can find out more about PageCenterX software at the following link: /products/content-management/pagecenterx-for-open-systems/

You can also learn about our Archive Conversion Services at: /Solutions-Industries/Modernization/Archive-Conversion-and-Migration

To sum it up, even if your archiving solution ain’t broke, you might need to fix it anyway. If it costs too much to run and the vendor is not fully dedicated to providing highly-functional software that leverages the latest technologies and pricing models, LRS can help. Contact our output management experts at .

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