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End User Mobility

End user mobility

The banking and finance industry has evolved in recent decades, with financial institutions becoming more client-centric than ever.

As consumers increasingly embrace online technology, bank employees, loan officers, insurance agents, and other financial workers need the ability to do their jobs wherever and whenever their clients demand. One day that might be at a branch office, the next at a client site or after-hours via videoconference from home.

While banks have adapted to the shift from traditional banking, they must still adhere to strict guidelines with respect to protecting customer data. Maintaining a secure environment while supporting a mobile workforce presents a number of financial and security challenges:

Home-based employees require costly hardware and software to connect to business-critical applications in a secure manner

When employees are visiting customers on-site, they still need to retrieve data, but require a VPN connection to do so

The IT department cannot control or monitor the data that is being accessed when there is no connection the corporate network

Company policies and restrictions cannot be applied either if the employee is not on a secure connection

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Working with LRS Output Management

To support these changes in the finance and banking industry, the LRS software suite has evolved to meet the new requirements. Our solutions deliver seamless print connectivity and security regardless of how and where users are working – all while providing a full audit trail for regulatory compliance.

Knowing how and when employees access and process data is a key component in the finance and banking sector. LRS can help your organization provide secure document processes for an increasingly mobile workforce.

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