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Printer DIMMS - Fonts and Barcodes

Printer DIMMs & SIMMs: the hard way to format documents

In the early days of SAP, output was not fully composed, making formatted documents difficult to print. IT staff were forced to use special chips, called DIMMs or SIMMs, that contained fonts that were otherwise unavailable for printing. They would then invoke these fonts using special control codes built in to modified device types, or use standard PCL in some cases, to reference them. This approach was inconvenient, but it worked well enough to become a common technique.

Administrators are always hesitant to modify a system that works, so even after SAP introduced the ability to directly print bar codes to laser printers, many companies simply retained these DIMM and SIMM cards. However, as printer fleets evolved, modern hardware did not always have the required internal ports for these cards. Furthermore, modern document presentment systems made it easy and efficient to produce fully composed SAP output instead of relying on such cards.

Replace DIMMs and SIMMs with LRS Software

If your SAP environment still relies on legacy output programs that require DIMM and SIMM cards, LRS can help. Our software transforms can replace nearly any DIMM or SIMM with software transforms that:

  • Identify the PCL control codes in your SAP data streams
  • Rebuild the barcode formats using standard PCL commands in software instead of hardware
  • Insert these PCL barcodes back into the print stream so the document prints correctly

“What are some benefits of the LRS solution?”

LRS® software provides a variety of benefits for organizations that rely on SAP® applications for their critical business processes. The VPSX/OutputManager® solution helps you:

  • Streamline your SAP printing infrastructure by allowing you to manage all printer definitions, drivers, status notifications, etc. from a single interface.
  • Improve your SAP application performance by offloading the burden of document formatting and delivery from your SAP servers.
  • Eliminate disparate “point solutions” for workstation, application, and SAP printing by implementing a holistic output management system that routes documents from any application on any platform to any printer or destination.
  • Simplify the migration from an on-premise SAP environment to a RISE with SAP Cloud-based environment.

LRS Output Management to Replace DIMMs and SIMMs

LRS software revolutionizes printing infrastructure by eliminating specialty hardware like DIMMs, SIMMs, and hardware-resident fonts, cutting costs and simplifying maintenance across the network.

It preserves investments in legacy document formats and resources, ensuring seamless compatibility and continuity. Additionally, it prepares SAP infrastructure for a cloud-based future while maximizing existing investments, fostering adaptability and innovation.

Replace Dimms and SIMMS with LRS

USE CASE: LRS Software Eliminates Costly Hardware

Simplify printing of specialty fonts, barcodes, and other critical output


A French manufacturer with more than 100,000 employees in 34 countries relied on their SAP applications for nearly all aspects of their business ̶ from materials management to manufacturing, shipping & distribution and more. Some of the most critical SAP printing was destined for Zebra® devices in China and involved Chinese fonts. Local Chinese IT staff recommended the installation of font DIMM cards in over 900 printers. This concerned the French SAP Basis team, as it complicated the process of configuring and supporting print to these critical production devices.

LRS data stream transform software converted OTF and PDF output from the company’s SAP systems into printer-ready data streams, helping them:

  • Save money by eliminating the need for DIMM cards
  • Centralize the process of provisioning, configuring, and supporting print devices for all SAP printing in their global network
  • Implement an SAP-certified output solution able to evolve as the organization moves toward a cloud-based SAP environment

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Simplify Print and Output Management for Cloud-based SAP S/4HANA and RISE with SAP environments. Don't migrate your legacy SAP individual language forms, printer tray configuration, printer definitions, and complicated print servers. Eliminate them quickly and easily with LRS

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