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SAP GOF Format

SAP GOF – a Generic Output Format

In large SAP® application environments, unnecessary complexity leads to unreliable, inefficient business processes. This is especially true when it comes to critical business documents, which may require special formatting and need to print on devices of various makes and models. LRS simplifies the process of creating legacy output, in that it takes the original SAPGOFU created by the spooler and does not require the use of an individual device type to specialize the output.

LRS® Transforms embed any required fonts, barcodes, and resources in the print stream, eliminating the need for special font or barcode hardware and troublesome print server dll’s. The Transforms also deal with the required differences in the output between printer manufacturers and models (like try numbering), all of this occurs at time of printing of the print job, so your data remains printer agnostic on the spool, and output for an HP can be redirected to a Lexmark (or a 200dpi Zebra to a 300dpi Zebra) and still print correctly. 

Because SAPGOFU is a GENERIC device driver you can often remove most ,or all, of your custom device types from SAP, further reducing the complexity of your spooling landscape. 

LRS software can capture GOF output from SAP applications and convert them to PCL, PostScript, PDF, ZPL, or other printer-ready forms to enable reliable, seamless printing of critical SAP-generated documents. Even as your SAP applications migrate to the cloud, LRS software lets you continue to leverage your investment in SAP Smartforms and other legacy forms while minimizing the computing resources needed to reliably print these documents on any output device. 

LRS Output Management for SAP GOF Documents

LRS Software Lets Organizations:

  • Preserve their investments in Legacy document formats and resources
  • Eliminate the need for specialty hardware like DIMMs, SIMMs, and hardware-resident fonts
  • Continue to leverage the SAP Smartform resources you have developed over time
  • Prepare your SAP infrastructure for a cloud-based future while making the most of your existing SAP investment.

USE CASE: Reduce SAP document formatting burden.

Eliminate driver management effort, specialty hardware, and unnecessary processing cycles.

A Spanish vehicle component manufacturer relied on Windows® Print Server to format production documents, barcode labels, bills of lading, and other critical documents. This approach put the burden of document formatting on the SAP application, requiring admin staff to upload and maintain print drivers at the SAP system level and devoting precious SAP processing cycles to print.

With LRS software, the company was able to offload the burden of document formatting and print delivery to the LRS output server. This allowed them to use the generic device type SAPGOFU, which helped their SAP team:

  • Eliminate the time spent on managing drivers in the SAP system
  • Print international characters without installing special cards on each device
  • Reduce the SAP server cycles spent on formatting documents

Integration with SAP

The LRS SAP Printing Solution transforms native SAP GOF / OTF formats into printer-ready data streams with required inline font characters (e.g., Unicode) and barcodes, thus eliminating the need for costly printer add-on hardware modules. SAP originally developed its External Output Management (BC-XOM) interface to offer a scalable alternative to problematic native OS-based document facilities. With the advent of their Cloud-based RISE with SAP service, they likewise provided customers way to offload the burden of printing from SAP application and support staff alike.

VPSX/OutputManager software leverages certified, proven application interfaces to provide reliable end-to-end document delivery and status feedback from the SAP user screen and from the SAP print spool to the printed page.

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Simplify Print and Output Management for Cloud-based SAP S/4HANA and RISE with SAP environments. Don't migrate your legacy SAP individual language forms, printer tray configuration, printer definitions, and complicated print servers. Eliminate them quickly and easily with LRS

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