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As regular readers of this Blog know, VPSX Enterprise software offers a centralized solution to route output from any source to any destination on every platform. But not everyone is aware that once output is captured on the VPSX server, a variety of additional document operations can be performed. One example I’d like to share involves a manufacturing customer and their logistics department. In this instance, we significantly improved an important business process by bundling several documents into one single document.

This customer’s SAP applications previously generated several types of documents in PDF format. Some of them went to their archive system after the customer had printed them from the SAP system. Other documents that required signatures were scanned and moved to a file share. Those documents were sent together as email attachments to the company’s logistics provider.

The customer approached us with a complex requirement: collect all needed documents from the archive system and the file share, build one single PDF document, and send this file to the third-party logistics provider after the trucks have left their site.

To meet their needs, we needed to use LRS IDB (Intelligent Document Bundling) software. The customer provided an additional input field  for the ID number and added a “Submit” button to their SAP system.

Now, when an employee presses the Submit button, a file is generated with information relating to that specific order. The file is then printed via the SAP-developed BC-XOM interface to the VPSX system. Within the VPSX software, filter processes scan the file for the related information, download the files from the archive, grab the file from the file share and build an XML input file to be used by the IDB software.

At this point, the IDB solution is ready to bundle the collected documents in a single PDF document. Then, IDB will direct the VPSX solution to send the document to the email recipient named in the file passed by the SAP application. This entire workflow can be integrated seamlessly in an existing VPSX EOM environment.

You may have similar needs or requirements in your organization, or different ones that can be addressed by our IDB software. The VPSX Enterprise Output Solution with IDB Intelligent Document Bundling can do a lot for you and your organization. Talk to us… we can help you to dramatically improve your business processes.

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