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You know the saying… “the third time’s a charm.” This definitely seemed to describe our presence at the recent VMworld show, which took place at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. From great sessions to great customer conversations, the LRS team got even more out of this year’s event than in the previous two years.

VMWorld 2018 | LRS Output Management

Over time, we’ve learned that most VMworld attendees come with highly technical questions on how to solve their existing IT problems and/or prevent future ones. So we left our sales folks behind and staffed our booth with members of our product support, development, and quality assurance teams. They came ready to demonstrate how to deploy LRS software to handle virtual desktops and virtual application printing, but ended up fielding questions on a much wider range of issues.

For example, pull printing was a popular topic of conversation. Perhaps driven by the recent adoption of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) mandate or ever-present HIPAA requirements, attendees asked how to prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing sensitive documents. Our staff demonstrated our MFPsecure pull printing software and explained how to integrate the solution within an existing security framework.

This year’s VMworld show also brought a surprising increase in questions about electronic document archival & viewing solutions. As organizations strive to control access to sensitive information, the appeal of secure content management software with full audit and tracking facilities was undeniable.

LRS Stand at VMWorld 2018

Eliminating unnecessary Windows Print Servers was a popular topic, as always, along with questions about establishing a single point of control for all enterprise printing. Our booth staff gave hundreds of demos of our web-based printing portal solution and discussed policy printing functionality.

Each day, our booth featured a different hand-carved ice sculpture to underline the message that the printing problems you see every day are really just the tip of the iceberg. We got the usual questions (“is it real?”, “can I touch it/lick it, etc.?”) and gave the usual answers (“yes,” “no,” and “I wouldn’t recommend it”).

LRS Ice Sculpture VMWorld 2018LRS Ice Sculpture Day 2 VMWorld 2018

All in all, VMworld 2018 was a great place for our technical folks to learn about the printing and document challenges facing our customers… and the occasional platoon of Imperial Stormtroopers.

LRS VMworld event 2018 with stormtroopers

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