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Eliminate Print Servers | Print Server Consolidation

Eliminate Print Servers within Large Enterprise

LRS® print server elimination/consolidation software is the world’s leading output and print management solution for large enterprises. It manages any output, from any platform, in any format to any destination, through a standardized service layer. This service layer eliminates the need for dedicated Windows print servers, specialist printer hardware and incumbent print software. It offers simplified IT service and significantly reduces operating costs.

Want to learn more about LRS print server consolidation efforts specifically designed for traditional Windows printing (including virtual deskop infrastructure environments), browse the workplace printing section on our site.


LRS software helped a European manufacturer reduce Windows®  print servers from 600 down to 30 with projected savings exceeding 2.1 million euros.

Many large organizations deploy Windows print servers to manage printing from non Windows applications. They act as the print spooler for output generated in an application (SAP, EMRs, etc) and deliver the print-ready file to the printing device. What seems to be a simple and relatively cost efficient solution, it can turn out to be quite the opposite. It can result in a complex setup that makes it difficult to maintain the print environment and troubleshoot printing problems. Especially when it comes to print jobs that originated from business critical applications. In such cases,it is vital to know if printing was successful or not. And if not, where the problem resides. With many possible bottlenecks (application itself, print spooler, device), the troubleshooting process can be lengthy and can end up delaying business processes. This impacts your bottom line.

Establishing LRS software as the central hub for all document output and storage helps you by eliminating Windows print servers as well as printer-specific hardware such as DIMMs. By controlling all print output with a single instance of the LRS Output Management solution you also enable centralized accounting of documents across your organization. This helps LRS customers generate audit reports used for cost accounting, print reduction and internal device consolidation projects.

A recent independent analyst report concluded that customers achieve a five year ROI of 486% and a break-even time of 6 months with LRS print server elimination software.

Solution Highlights 

  • Eliminates central and branch Windows® print servers
  • Output auditing for cost accounting and green initiative tracking
  • Easy end-user printer locator and one click printer installation
  • Central management of print drivers for moves, adds and changes 
  • Enforced and suggested policy printing
  • Integrated pull printing with different solutions for your entire fleet 
  • Support for virtualized desktop environment
  • Support for mobile and tablet printing

Extending Output Management 

Intelligent Document Bundling - Create bundled sets of customized documents
Pull Printing - Enable secure document release with authentication
Output Auditing - Track printing for auditing and cost accounting

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