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What is GovPrint?

To meet the UK Government Digital Service (GDS) recommendations, the Crown Commercial Services (CCS) has released the framework agreement RM6174 in order for UK government departments to procure print services as part of the new GovPrint standard. The GovPrint standard requires both printer hardware and specialist software to deliver a cloud print service, deployed using only internet connectivity, enabling all users from any department to print seamlessly at any government hub building.

What does GovPrint recommend?

  • Mobile workers Users need to access print services in any location.
  • Host departments Users should be able to access any new printers or print services without updating.
  • Hub buildings / multiple tenants Provide print services for all tenants in the hub / shared building.

LRS Output Management - Meeting the requirements

LRS® technology enables government employees to enter a hub building, anywhere in the UK and print or scan using any device in that building, with a consistent and improved end user experience, regardless of the printer manufacturer deployed. LRS® software:

  • Eliminates Network costs associated with VPN’s, leased lines and WAN’s.
  • Multi-vendor Mix and match print manufacturer’s devices, whilst maintaining end user experience.
  • Any documents Print documents from any end user device, application or end user OS including VDI.
  • Improve security Robust encryption protects documents on their cloud journey from print submission to final hardcopy output; push, pull print and scan as required.

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LRS Inc is not affiliated to or officially endorsed by Crown Commercial Services nor a supplier under RM6174 Framework Agreement