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In both our work and personal lives, there are situations where things happen “behind the scenes” as if by magic. One example of this was depicted in a seasonally-appropriate commercial that aired many years ago and is still available on YouTube.

[Yellow M&M character to red M&M character: Do you think he exists?] [Red M&M character to Yellow M&M character: I don’t know, I never met the guy!]

I sometimes wonder if people believe my colleagues and I exist. We do, of course!  Project Managers, affectionately known as PM’s, are the constant, steady force behind most complex LRS Enterprise Output Management (EOM) service engagements. These include archive conversion/migration projects (mainframe & open systems platforms), secure pull print POC’s & implementations, and RFI/RFQ/RFP responses.

Are PM’s the steering wheel? Yes. The rudder?  Yes, again. The muscle?  Well, let’s not go that far.  Our technical resources are in fact the strength; these inherent problem-solvers make it all happen, despite the inevitable data and print challenges they will encounter. But that is a topic for another blog. Back to the Project Managers…

While PM’s capture the details of a project, we also focus on the big picture, freeing each technical specialist to focus on the particulars of their individual piece(s) [conversion, print, security, migration, data anomalies, solutions architecture, etc.]. Eighty plus (80+) successful archive conversion/migration projects in the last decade or so are proof that our EOM Conversion Services team knows a thing or two about the subject.

The group works to continually refine and improve our processes and procedures to help the customer by shortening their project timeline. Our team spans four time zones, which we use to each project’s advantage. We’re a cohesive and dedicated team that genuinely cares about helping our customers succeed.

The PM’s wear various hats throughout the project, as one would expect.  These roles include project leader, requirements gatherer, Agile junky, business analyst, cheerleader, fire fighter, tie breaker, scope police, and nag. Yup, nag. It comes with the job title.  

The PM’s are a responsible, dependable crew that is known for following through on whatever gets tossed our way. We also happen to be former techies, which doesn’t hurt, considering the field that we’re in.  One could also call us picky, and we wouldn’t take offense. Pickiness in our Q/A role is a must. We’ve raised the bar with our team so much that unit testing was stepped up a notch or two and now we don’t find as many defects. That might have something to do with pride as well…

They do exist! What a relief! [faint, fall back, go to curtain….]

Want to meet us in person, just to make sure?  Talk to your EOM Account Executive about your company’s modernization efforts or secure print initiative. You can also check out the LRS website (), and talk to us about getting a Service Agreement in place.  Either way, we can’t wait to help you on the road to success.

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