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LRS is pleased to announce general availability of the VPSX/OutputManager® Cloud solution. This new SAP-focused product is the latest in our ever-growing list of products and features designed to seamlessly integrate Enterprise Output Management functionality and the decentralized Cloud-based architectures of the future. This should be of no surprise to regular readers of this Blog, as my colleague, Mr. Al Nichols, has been working toward this for some time. For a little background information on the development of this solution, please see Al’s posts here and here.

VPSX/OutputManager Cloud is an SAP certified interface that our customers can use to securely receive print and other output data from SAP’s public cloud-based Business Technology Platform (BTP) and send it to company printers and devices wherever they happen to be.

LRS customers have long used our original VPSX/OutputManager solution to receive traditional SAP output from both on-premise and private cloud-based landscapes. LRS customers rely on all kinds of critical output – from shipping documents, labels, and safety documents to regulatory paperwork – in their daily operations. Delays in any of these print-related business processes cause serious problems and monetary loss. LRS helps to mitigate these risks by providing an ultra-reliable mechanism for delivery and feedback to the SAP landscape. VPSX/OutputManager Cloud software provides this capability to new SAP public cloud-based offerings in BTP. As a result, LRS customers have the flexibility to run their SAP-based business processes wherever it makes the most sense, while still maintaining robust output management.

As with all types of documents, LRS can deliver SAP output to any device, anywhere. Devices need not be connected on the local network, as we can securely deliver jobs via our Affiliate Print solution to devices that are only accessible via the open internet (such as might be found at contracted warehouses or medical affiliates). By taking advantage of the LRS MFPsecure pull printing environment, SAP documents can be retained in a holding area and then retrieved via several different authentication mechanisms at the end device. This is true, regardless of whether that device is locally available or only available on the open internet.

Companies adding or migrating processes commonly neglect various print- and output-based issues until the eleventh hour. This causes unnecessary delays in making crucial changes when adopting new, Cloud-based processes. To prevent such delays, LRS offers a wide range of services from simple implementation all the way to complete management of your output environment. As you look at these additions or changes, you may want to consider involving LRS experts early and often to ensure project success.

We are proud to add the VPSX/OutputManager Cloud solution to our portfolio of products. If you have questions about this or any of our offerings, please contact your local LRS team for more information.

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