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Simplified implementation footprint

There’s no substitute for experience.

One of the most critical points of a software life cycle is undoubtably the initial rollout or implementation of that software into your production environment. Indeed, this is the first concern most customers express. Put simply, they want to know “How long will the implementation take, and what are the risks?”

Implementation of an EOM system usually happens in two steps. The first step is the direct one-to-one replacement of the existing spooling system functionality; typically, the data and data production is not changed in any way. The second step is to “tidy up the shop", wherein the customer examines all processes involving output and determines where improvements can be made.

The first part of the process is well documented by LRS and has been performed many hundreds of times at customer sites around the world. It does not require downtime of your SAP systems. Simply Export and Import your SAP printer definitions; a backout can be invoked by simply re-importing the original export. This process can be done even during the day during normal operation, and is usually performed on a location-by-location basis. The only effect that the end users will see is that the output will probably come out quicker than before, and in the event the users have SP01 access, they will see for the first time ever the correct feedback in the status field of SP01.

LRS SAP Output Management Implementation

How LRS simplifies your SAP infrastructure

LRS® software solutions eliminate the need for redundant print servers and related infrastructure. All output can be managed through a scalable single point of control, regardless of document origin, format, or destination.

Powerful web-based management facilities give administrators full control over their users’ critical documents without the need to purchase and maintain local print servers. LRS customers report savings of over $1 million per year through the elimination of Windows® print servers, specialty font hardware and other infrastructure components.

LRS software helped a European manufacturer reduce Windows print servers from 600 down to 30 with projected savings exceeding 2.1 million euros.

“Can LRS software reduce SAP implementation cost?”

The VPSX/OutputManager solution enables SAP customers to save money and streamline the implementation process by:

Eliminates costly and unnecessary infrastructure (print servers, DIMM cards etc.) and point solution software (pull print, scan workflow etc.)

Offloading the burden of printing from your SAP servers and personnel. LRS software handles many printing errors without human intervention. Those that require attention are typically addressed by Level-1 administrative staff instead of Basis administrators and other high-level SAP resources.

Vendor Agnostic. Establishes a vendor neutral pull print and mobility solution supporting all key platforms.

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Simplify Print and Output Management for Cloud-based SAP S/4HANA and RISE with SAP environments. Don't migrate your legacy SAP individual language forms, printer tray configuration, printer definitions, and complicated print servers. Eliminate them quickly and easily with LRS

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