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Reduced SAP Basis Involvement

Save resources, streamline printing, and secure critical documents.

LRS Studies show that every day, SAP Basis workers deal with issues related to output and print failures. In fact, up to 30% of their time is spent solving such problems, causing unnecessary disruptions to vital work on SAP projects such as preparation for future S/4HANA migration. Such ongoing work interruptions are a silent drag on IT productivity and over time can result in unnecessary cost and the need for more FTEs. 

The LRS solution requires no special technical knowledge of applications like SAP and no special User ID's with administration access (SPAD, SP01, Windows Administrator, etc.). Instead, LRS software requires only a basic help-desk level IT role and token-based access to the LRS web user interface. 

After implementing the LRS solution, you will find that the vast majority of output issues can be handled directly by the help desk with no SAP Basis staff intervention. Taken together with the Automated Printer deployment capabilities of the LRS solution, this frees your SAP Basis teams almost completely from the need to deal with printers, printing and output. 

LRS Output Management Benefits with SAP


Simplified SAP printing for improved savings and flexibility


A large multinational energy company’s SAP environment was managed by a combination of internal and IT outsourcing staff. Lack of coordination between the parties caused significant delays and finger pointing when critical documents failed to print. A print infrastructure with hundreds of Windows Print Servers and the need to support foreign character sets and barcode fonts further complicated matters.

  • Why Change? The customer was looking to simplify its print infrastructure.
  • Why Now? Frequent SAP printing failures resulted in significant business impact.
  • Why LRS? Holistic LRS solution provided a central point of control that removed 256 servers and saved customer over 4 million Euros per year.

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“What are some benefits of the LRS solution?”

LRS software provides a variety of benefits for organizations that rely on SAP applications for their critical business processes. The VPSX/OutputManager solution helps you:

  • Streamline your SAP printing infrastructure by allowing you to manage all printer definitions, drivers, status notifications, etc. from a single interface.
  • Improve your SAP application performance by offloading the burden of document formatting and delivery from your SAP servers.
  • Eliminate disparate “point solutions” for workstation, application, and SAP printing by implementing a holistic output management system that routes documents from any application on any platform to any printer or destination.
  • Simplify the migration from an on-premise SAP environment to a RISE with SAP Cloud-based environment.

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Simplify Print and Output Management for Cloud-based SAP S/4HANA and RISE with SAP environments. Don't migrate your legacy SAP individual language forms, printer tray configuration, printer definitions, and complicated printer servers. Eliminate them quickly and easily with LRS.

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