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Enhanced Barcode & Label Printing

Barcode print: the key to efficient logistical operations

Barcode and label printing is one of the most critical parts of logistical operations. Labels usually represent the business process at its endpoint, slowdowns, failures to print, or duplicates, will have very costly consequences, failures to print mean the business process itself fails.

By carefully analyzing the TCP flags in the print stream as well as the status of the printer at all stages of print delivery, LRS software minimizes the risks of duplicate labels, print slowdowns, and failures. To accomplish this, LRS invented our own delivery method over sockets called SOCK/ZPL.

With time, new models of Zebra label printers and some SATO models have added built-in support for the PJL protocol. This is a major advantage over the previous SOCK/ZPL approach especially when warehouse printers are turned off or fail in the middle of print delivery (especially when new media must be reloaded).

Before PJL support on label printers, any such failure would require reprinting all the labels in a batch and manually removing the duplicates. As a typical customer may have hundreds of labels in a single job, any required restart is a risky, slow, manual process.

With support for PJL this is no longer true; the print will be restarted after device failure exactly at the label it failed at. LRS software takes full advantage of the PJL capabilities of newer label devices for increased reliability and performance and less risk of costly business disruption.

USE CASE: Global Technology Provider

SAP certified output management integration provides simpler, more robust label printing

  • Why Change? The customer was printing critical SAP label output using cumbersome native CUPS print servers running on Linux servers. SAP spool servers frequently became overloaded which resulted in downtime at retail locations.
  • Why Now? With plans to expand the number of branded retail locations, problems with SAP label printing were expected to increase sharply in number and duration.
  • Why LRS? LRS offered a certified direct interface to the SAP product, giving the customer confidence in the long-term reliability and support for the solution. The LRS software was available on a variety of non-Windows platforms, which was a requirement for this IT environment. The simpler method of spooling SAP document output and ability to automatically create printer queues made life easier for the customer’s SAP admin staff.

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Working with Zebra

Zebra Logo

The LRS Zebra alliance brings healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain management customers enhanced output management capabilities for printing labels and bar codes from SAP®, Oracle®, and other critical enterprise applications.

The alliance benefits mutual customers with increased visibility into Zebra® device operation and print job management, lowering the cost of ownership and improving operational efficiencies.

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Working with SATO


SATO and LRS have collaborated to develop a new application that eliminates the likelihood of duplicate or unprinted labels following an interruption to the print process.

The new app improves efficiency and reduces labelling errors by enabling VPSX® Bi-directional PJL controlled delivery of data to SATO® CLNX series label printers. This capability enables the printer to pick up precisely where it left off if the process is unexpectedly interrupted, without the need for human intervention.

Using the new SATO app and LRS® VPSX Bi-directional PJL delivery will give customers unprecedented control and assurance over their label printing; both preventing problems and providing automatic recovery following an interruption. VPSX Bi-Directional PJL facilitates assured delivery of print data to devices and monitors on a page-by-page basis, allowing the device to notify VPSX when a print job has physically been printed. In the case of device failure, the print run can automatically be restarted from the page where the failure occurred, eliminating duplicate labels.

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